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Real Estate Articles December 9, 2015

It is often quoted that Toronto has developed due to its real estate industry and without it, Toronto would still be way back on the road to economic success, growth and development. Today, Toronto is an important global metropolitan area. However, Toronto had literally started from scratch, being a small ranching town! In late 1920s, Toronto Real Estate Board was established and the first ever president was the Mr. Clair J. Cote! However, roots go back to a time when a small group of people met often for a few years in order to have an exchange of information and to socialize with each other. However, in the 1930s the Board became inactive and many of the younger members of the industry werent even aware that such a thing existed!

Later in the 1940s, a Mr. Kennett Lyle took initiative and started effort to have such a board. However, to his surprise, when he discussed this opportunity to Clair Cote, it was discovered that the board already existed! This lead to a meeting being called out; in it Clair Cote was made the chairman while Mr. Kennett was elected as the secretary. And this lead to the revival of the board!

The Toronto Real Estate Board has made social responsibility and active role in the community, its goals so as to project a positive aspect of its existence. It aims to raise the spirit of volunteerism and charitable behaviors in the society! Since 2004 till 2007, the board has focused on the Crestwood Affordable Housing Development project in the Millican-Ogden Community rather than distributing funds so as to perform a solid charitable act which is hard to miss and not so easily forgotten! Since its establishment, The Toronto Real Estate Board has donated over $ 3.5 million to a numerous number of charities and not for profit organizations.

You might be wondering how does the Board know who deserves the funds and who doesnt? Well, when the fund request is received, the Toronto Real Estate Board evaluates the organization on some very rigorously set procedures. This evaluation process is carried out by the Board of Governors. The Board then decides on how much financial help is required by the organization and how much should be given to it. The Board keeps in mind the overall budget of the Toronto Real Estate Board has.

Each year, the Board makes some generous contributions to the deserving foundations. A similar situation was in 2010, when $ 100,000 was distributed to the Toronto Women’s Emergency Shelter, Hospice Toronto Society, and Inn from the Cold. $ 500,000 wasgiven to the Brenda Strafford Society for the backingup of the “Building for Liberty” movement.

In November, 2010, the Charitable Foundation made an open hearted Crises Fund donation of $ 5,000 to the family of Diego Van Der Pennen. Diego is a young little lad who is suffering from a very perilous illness which requires extensive care all night all day!

The Toronto Real Estate Board Charitable Foundation is really working hard to make the world a better place to live and we should all support and appreciate this pursuance of good goals!

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