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Sarasota Real Estate

Real Estate Articles November 28, 2015

From gorgeous beaches to great shopping as well as boating and golf courses, top rated culture and arts amenities, Sarasota offers something for all residents and visitors alike. Money Magazine voted Sarasota as one of the 10 best cities to retire young into in 2007, and was rated as one of the best small cities in the United States before that.

Sarasota real estate not only has grown, but is still on the rise. While other areas are stagnant and the homes may have been on the market for over a year, the homes in Sarasota are constantly being turned over. This trend is brought on by retirees moving to smaller homes, professionals making a permanent move to the city and young families growing out of their current home. For those who are looking to make a change and move to one of the greatest small cities in America, Sarasota offers cultural activities as well as many great fine dining and shopping experiences. The big city appeal and small town companionship are felt throughout Sarasota, making this the best place to call your new home.

Longboat Key offers homes from $ 365,000 that is ideal for people wanting a vacation home or condo, or the retirees that are looking for peace and quiet. In the Long Beach Subdivision, there are homes surrounded by the lushest of greenery, clean and smog free skies and room for you to simply enjoy the great outdoors. In the Sabal Cove neighborhood, a lovely 3 bedroom home with 3 baths built only just over 10 years ago awaits your large family and pets. With beautiful flora and fauna surrounding the homes here as well as plenty of Florida sunshine, you are only minutes from the beach and still enjoy the shopping and the cultural arts in downtown Sarasota. Condos in this area start at around $ 300,000 listing price, and are offered in areas such as Cedars East. With the beach as a backdrop for many of these 2 bedroom and 2 bath condos, your new home away from home could be situated on the island of Longboat Key and still have all the amenities of big city life just minutes away.

Siesta Key offers homes from $ 300,000 that give way to beautiful flowing waters and golden sandy beaches in neighborhoods like Tortoise Estates and Sarasota Beach. Island living has perks such as using the beach at any time of day, with little traffic to the area. Small town life abounds on this island in the waves, where everyone watches out for everyone and the mailman will remember your name. Big city life also thrives, with gas stations and groceries not far from any point on the island. Condos on the island start around $ 250,000 in areas like Excelsior Beach and Polynesian Gardens. Many of these properties offer a minimum of 2 bedrooms and baths, as well as views of the entire beach line and coveted views of regattas that take place during the year. With Sarasota real estate being at all time low prices, why not find a new home today?

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