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Extraordinary Belize Real Estate Properties

Real Estate Articles December 19, 2015

Belize is a tropical Caribbean paradise where it pretty much has everything you’ll ever want without ever spending more or traveling far. There is a plethora of places where you can visit and discover than any other place in Central America. Aside from numerous places you can visit, you can also do a lot of adventurous activities here from mellow fishing sports to extreme water sports.

A Belize experience will never be below the extraordinary level.

All these and more are available here without costing you your life savings. The Belize real estate market provides vacation homes and properties that have the most reasonable prices to date, despite the economic struggles the world is going through right now.

The Belize real estate market has a wide selection of homes ranging from simple, decent, to extravagant mansions and even private cayes to suit the lifestyle of the buyer. Beach homes won’t have to be a distant dream anymore! You can start your search for that perfect vacation home that will carry the future memories of your extraordinary vacations in Belize.

Belize is a beautiful Caribbean paradise where strips of white beaches are well-maintained for visitors, where the lushest rainforests are still preserved and protected to house endangered animals and encourage agriculture. There are magnificent mountains in the country as well, that every adventure lover would love to climb and conquer.

The country is also rich in culture and the diversity of races to be found here is quite surprising. Be prepared to see Mestizos, Creoles, Asians, Africans, Gringos and Mayans live their daily lives in peace and speak the same language. Amazingly enough, the country of Belize has English as their main language because there was a time when the British colonized the country. Now that Belize is an independent country, they have retained the language and has Spanish spoken in certain parts of the country. Expatriates and retirees who have chosen to live in the country to start an extraordinary life say that they have never felt as though they were outsiders, and they didn’t have a hard time blending in. One can practically lead whatever lifestyle he or she wants in this tropical Caribbean paradise.

The rich history of Belize dates back thousands of years ago which can be revisited when you walk the grounds of the ancient Mayan temples and pyramids located in different places of the country.

The best way to experience life in Belize is to purchase a home where all of the best places are very accessible. Having a great location can be very convenient, and it will make your stay here truly terrific. One of the best locations to purchase a home in is Sanctuary Belize. Ideally located south of the capital city, the community is near a lot of places worth visiting such as Victoria’s Peak, Great Blue Hole, the Mayan pyramids, the beaches and beautiful rainforests.

Start your extraordinary life now at a very reasonable cost with your family!

Belize – simply a paradise. Own a piece of that Jewel now! SanctuaryBelize.com is the best belize real estate for you. They offer buyers from all walks of life, the opportunity to maximize the benefits of property ownership in Belize. No other community offers such abundant natural beauty, modern amenities, and return potential – for so little investment.

Century Properties wagers big on tourism surge

Real Estate News November 21, 2015

Century Properties wagers big on tourism surge
CPG chair and founder Jose Antonio told reporters during the Asia Pacific Real Estate Association Summit last week that the Philippines was already riding on the back of a “fantastic” 66 quarters of continued economic growth spurred by domestic demand.
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Real Estate Properties In Dubai

Real Estate Articles November 13, 2015

Dubai these days is mainly known for its property market and the mega construction projects that it hosts. Construction projects in Dubai have out classed construction any in the world, as not only these mega projects are unmatched and huge but also require massive man power, time and tremendous amount of funds to be completed. Some of the mega projects in Dubai include Burj Khalifa Palm Dubai, downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Arabian ranches and JLT Dubai. The Palm Dubai is one of the worlds most lavish, extravagant, and fabulous hotel and is located on the wonderland of Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island so big that it surprises its creator as well. Palm Dubai consists of around fourteen hundred spacious guest rooms, and more than One hundred and sixty suites. Every room and suite is a unique sophisticated and stylish design that gives the impression of subtle oceanic and Arabic influences, along with amazing scenes of the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf. Except for rooms and suites, The Palm Dubai offers a exceptional collection of super suites. Every super suite is equipped with extraordinary luxuries and modern features a combination of generous spaces, out class interiors and immaculate service.

The worlds largest constructed and fabricated marina, Dubai Marina is a district in the epic center of new Dubai, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Marina is perfectly positioned in the heart of latest Dubai close to the blurb centers of Sheikh Zayed Road and also the Business Bay. This self containing, metropolitan city on the surface of water is purposefully placed very close to some of the key landmarks of Dubai, like The Dubai Internet City, Knowledge Village and the Dubai Media City etc, and consists of number of tall rising buildings, well furnished apartments, villas and exceptional malls. Dubai Marina Apartments are a wonderful choice for people who are interested in a rental apartment for a few days, weeks or even months. These luxuriously furnished apartments blends the best of both sides, the exiting views of the sparkling marina as well as a high society atmosphere where you can accommodate guests, have business partnerships or just enjoy pleasant and comforting moments with your love ones as each Dubai Marina apartment is exclusive and unique in its design and architecture.

Another one of the fascinating real estate development is the JLT Dubai, the Jumeirah Lake Towers is considered to be the next generation of real estate properties in Dubai. Located between interchange five and six, close to the Sheikh Zayad road, opposite to Dubai Marina, JLT Dubai is a place with pleasant, peaceful, and harmonious lifestyle, away from the hectic routines of the daily life. The Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai consists of eighty seven tall buildings; these tall, luxurious towers are designed in a spacious manner keeping all the necessary requirements in mind combining the cultural look and feel of the Arab world with the modern life style of the west. As it is located in the most spectacular Area of new Dubai, JLT Dubai is in close distance to some of the coolest spots in town.

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Helpful Ideas for Renting or Acquiring Residential properties in the Philippines Real Estate Market

Real Estate Articles November 8, 2015

One has unlimited options when seeking residential properties in Philippines real estate listings. Metro Manila is such a huge place jam-packed with apartments, houses, and condominiums, surrounded with commercial and entertainment centers. Getting a house to reside in can occasionally be confusing, especially when you aren’t accustomed with the place. That’s exactly why it really is necessary to consider your options meticulously before making that huge decision.

There are several factors that needs to be taken into consideration when searching for household properties in Manila. Primarily, one has to think of his preferred location or area. This will enormously be based upon where you conduct your business or go to work. You will also want easy access to areas like hospitals, schools, and public transport terminals. You will need to hunt for houses in Manila that are nearby all these basic areas so you can avoid potential inconveniences. You should also consider your livelihood pursuits. If your job or company is centered on Quezon City, leasing or buying an apartment in Makati is simply unreasonable and will be very inconvenient as well. As in any other country, location is really the ultimate deciding aspect when it comes to the world of Philippines real estate.

Only upon choosing a city should you make up your mind whether to rent in Manila or acquire your own household property. It is usually costly to possess a property that’s located in top cities like Makati and Ortigas. The large demand for houses in Manila found within these areas renders it just about improbable to acquire one. This is mostly the factor why lots of young employees and middle-class families believe that it is realistic to rent a house or apartment instead. Still, you will find less expensive choices in the Philippines real estate market. High-rise residence units are actually a feasible option for many young employees and people in the middle-class. Obtaining a condominium is much cheaper and property developers ensure it is an even more appealing option for buyers by presenting quite flexible monthly payment terms.

Deciding to live in the many different houses in Manila also has some benefits as compared to condo or apartment living. The spatial freedom and comfort a real house provides may not be attained in smaller high-rise residential apartments. A house, primarily one that’s confined inside a private village or subdivision, is usually extremely expensive to own or rent in Manila. Nevertheless, the numerous rewards of being in private subdivisions like Bel Air and Dasmarinas Village in Makati and Green Meadows and Valle Verde in Pasig are obvious. These private villages have first class facilities, something which some other areas do not have.

With plenty of options in the Philippines real estate market, your final decision will most probably be influenced by two major conditions: budget and location. Regardless if it’s a house in Manila or an apartment for rent on its outskirts, ensure that you are making the correct decision structured on your own individual requirements and needs.

Jeremiah Carter is an expert analyst of the Philippines real estate industry. For additional information and guidance, visit ManilaEstates.com.

Buying Philippine Real Estate Properties

Real Estate Articles October 27, 2015

Buying real estate is more than just finding a place to call home. Investing in Philippine Real Estate Properties has become increasingly popular over the past years and has become a common investment vehicle. Find a property to call your home or invest for your future.

The first major advantage to investing in Philippine real estate is that you are purchasing an extremely expensive product. “It is the best option in protecting your hard earned money. Unlike stocks or bonds which may go down in value and are too risky, properties provide hard assets which you can use or sell or rent out. Its a productive asset. It is the foundation of wealth, in which will generate cash flow once you invest the right way. The key factors for high returns is when you invest in a property with a good location, good quality of development and from a developer with proven track record of on time delivery and property management to ensure your property will gain high resale value and rental income upon turn over.

Secondly, The income you will benefit from buying a good property in the Philippines is called PROPERTY VALUE. When you invest on a project at pre selling stage (buying the property while under construction) you have the opportunity to own the property at introductory price, affordable payment terms and more units available to choose from. The value of the property increases as the delivery date draws near. Upon completion, your P3M investment today may escalate to P5M to P6M upon delivery of the project.

Another income you will benefit from real estate properties is called RENTAL INCOME . Rental from properties is stable source of monthly income. As unit owner, your property generates income every month approximately 1% of your present property value.

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