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Various Manila Real Estate Options

Real Estate Articles November 7, 2015

Manila real estate surely continues to grow. You will find numerous building jobs in Makati and other areas of the metropolis. The outsourcing market in the Philippines is partially the reason for this growth. Several customer call center companies choose to have their own building because they can fit its technical specs to their unique reasons. Some other organizations choose to lease an office in Manila, as this is less expensive than the construction of a structure. It furthermore includes fulfilling a lesser number of prerequisites, as an organization won’t have to acquire a building license. You will find numerous places in metropolitan Manila that supply excellent business space.

The biggest firms in the region are located in the city of Makati. In reality, you can find several who actually have built their own building here, complementing the list of outstanding Manila real estate. The main offices of numerous major businesses are based here. In fact, its reputation as the Wall Street of the Philippines has made a great impact on traders, and the presence of the Philippine Stock Exchange only improves the profile of Makati. An office in Manila positioned in this distinct area is still regarded as elegant and excellent.

However, Makati isn’t the only base of business in the nation right now. You will find numerous nearby locations catching up to its revered position as the monetary center of the country. The truth is, around the major metropolitan vicinity of Manila, you can find numerous locations that can share a claim for this position.

Companies who are trying to rent in Manila real estate will quickly realize the Fort Bonifacio Global City to be an outstanding alternative for their needs. The major business center of the area features an assortment of Class A and Class B business office structures, that are excellent for BPO and IT solutions. It is a developing upscale location, and it is set to turn out to be the future financial center of the region.

An additional excellent alternative for an office in Manila is the Alabang area. Like Fort Bonifacio, Alabang features some fantastic office space. It is also home to a number of the finest examples of Manila real estate, with upper-class villages similar to Hillsborough, Ayala Alabang, and Alabang Hills. You will find numerous schools and professional establishments in the vicinity, making it the ideal place to work and to raise a household at the same time.

Eastwood City furthermore features a number of the greatest business office structures in Manila real estate. A few of the most significant Manila office structures, like Citibank Square, Cyber One, and the IBM Plaza, are based here. All these structures have the most modern day engineering facilities offered, and firms who want to rent in Manila should take a look at this spot. Increasing the luster of this place is the land’s first information technology estate, the Eastwood City Cyber Park, which is perfect for firms focusing on BPO and other IT-related endeavors.

A few of the finest office structures are positioned in Ortigas. You will find numerous alternatives for office space in the community, and any organization hoping to boost its business position may be assured of a number of the premier Manila real estate for offices there. The Ortigas Center is an excellent place for your commercial enterprise to be, and it has the very best features offered. The professional establishments in the area include the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza, SM Megamall, the Podium, and Robinson’s Galleria. That area holds a lot of potential as the future premier spot for an office in Manila.

A Manila office isn’t too hard to discover. You will find numerous locations in the city limits which can appeal to your requirements. Setting up your business in any one of these locations helps generate earnings, offering you more alternatives and more opportunities for growth.

Larry Garcia is a real-estate expert with lots of expertise in Philippines Real Estate. For more info, check out ManilaEstates.com to get more today regarding the workplace options accessible in Manila.

More Real Estate Philippines Articles

Looking at Your Options in the Philippines Real Estate Market

Real Estate Articles October 24, 2015

A person has endless choices when seeking residential properties in Philippines real estate listings. Metro Manila is such a huge place loaded with apartments, houses, and condominiums, surrounded with commercial and amusement centers. Finding a place to live in can occasionally be rather puzzling, especially when you’re not accustomed with the place. That’s exactly why it really is important to consider your choices properly prior to making that significant choice.

There are lots of things that must be taken into consideration when hunting for residential properties in Manila. Primarily, one should take into consideration his favored location or area. This will greatly be determined by where you conduct your business or go to work. You certainly will also need quick access to areas such as hospitals, schools, and public transport terminals. You will wish to hunt for houses in Manila that are close to such common areas so you’re able to avoid potential inconveniences. You need to also consider your livelihood interests. If your job or business is centered on Quezon City, renting or buying an apartment in Makati is plainly unreasonable and can be very undesirable as well. As in any other place, location is often the ultimate deciding aspect when it pertains to the world of Philippines real estate.

Only after deciding on a specific location should you make up your mind whether to rent in Manila or purchase your own personal residential property. It can be expensive to own a property that’s situated in top cities such as Makati and Ortigas. The large need for houses in Manila found in these areas makes it nearly improbable to obtain one. This is mostly the factor why lots of young employees and middle-class families believe it is practical to lease a house or apartment instead. However, you will find cheaper choices in the Philippines real estate market. High-rise residence units have become a viable alternative for lots of young employees and people in the middle-class. Acquiring a condo is so much cheaper and property developers help it become an even more appealing alternative for buyers by offering very flexible monthly payment terms.

Choosing to live in the many different houses in Manila also has many benefits as compared to condo or apartment living. The spatial flexibility and security a real house provides cannot be attained in smaller high-rise residential apartments. A house, notably one that is kept inside a private village or subdivision, can be tremendously expensive to own or rent in Manila. Still, the countless rewards of being in exclusive villages such as Bel Air and Dasmarinas Village in Makati and Green Meadows and Valle Verde in Pasig are obvious. These exclusive subdivisions have first class facilities, something which many other areas don’t have.

With so many choices in the Philippines real estate market, your concluding decision will most probably be influenced by a couple of primary factors: budget and location. Whether it’s a house in Manila or an apartment for lease on its outskirts, be sure that you are making the correct choice centered on your own individual requirements and necessities.

Jeremiah Carter is an expert analyst of the Philippines real estate industry. For extra information and guidance, check out ManilaEstates.com.

Commercial Real Estate Options in the Philippines

Real Estate Articles October 24, 2015

While there are currently many commercial real estate options in the Philippines, many major corporations often chose to locate their businesses in the biggest business districts in the country. Why is this so? Most often, corporations prefer to locate themselves within well-established business districts because this provides the convenient proximity to other business that may be complementary in nature. This means that if they are located nearby other businesses that could aid in their day-to-day operations then this could result in more efficient processes and ultimately more profit at the end of the day.

One option for companies is to locate their businesses in one of the three business districts present in the country: Fort Bonifacio or Makati. Makati is the oldest business district in the Philippines, hosting the highest percentage of major corporations in the country. Some of these companies include Nestle, Del Monte Philippines, Inc., Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, Coca-Cola, and Standard Chartered Bank. This is why it is a bit more challenging trying to look for an office space in Makati due to its high density of companies currently vying for taking up the space in the area.

Another option is to go through a real estate consulting and research company or a commercial real estate brokerage company (Philippines) who can lead you to properties in prime business districts such as Fort Bonifacio. They can lead you to other central business districts like the one located in Fort Bonifacio (otherwise known as Bonifacio Global City or BGC.) Fort Bonifacio is another prime destination for foreign companies due to its strategic business location. The city has a very modern environment and a high standard of living for its inhabitants. Mostly populated with commercial office buildings and high-end residences, this area is very popular with new companies coming into the country as it boasts a more modern and up to date feel. Some of the companies already located in the area include Jaguar, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, and JPMorgan and Chase.

There are still many commercial office spaces outside of these areas of course. There are still commercial spaces available outside the commonly known business districts in the country however being located outside of these districts does not offer you the distinct advantage of being located beside other major corporations. Also, aside from the prestige of being located in a certain area, being located in a central business district may be good for your company as may facilitate business as well. These places are a good place to start looking if you want to get your business off to a head start above the competition.

For more information on how you can begin growing your business in the Philippines, visit KMC MAG Group, Inc., the largest Philippine based real estate brokerage company. With almost 100 employes, KMC MAG Group collaborates with clients from all over to the world to help them maximize their real estate investments. The firm also handles real estate consulting and research & Tenant Representation (Philippines).

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