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Ellijay Real Estate

Real Estate Articles December 4, 2015


The fall has always been a popular time for people to buy North Ga Mountain Homes. Every year visitors flock to Ellijay to watch the leaves change and enjoy the great outdoors and inevitability a few will decide to stay. This fall they were in for a treat. It is a buyers market because North Ga Foreclosures are at an all time high. There is a wide selection of homes to choose from and lenders are highly motivated get the homes out of their inventory. With that being the case, a lot of people will try to purchase Ellijay Foreclosures without the help of a real estate agent and that can be a costly mistake.

One of the big concerns with North Ga Foreclosures and foreclosures in general, is that the ownership records are sometimes incomplete. It stems from something called the Robo-Signer scandal. The correct way to purchase a Ga Mountain Home is to record the sale with the clerk at the local government office. Well, to make things go faster the so called foreclosure mills skipped that step and just transferred the ownership digitally. Then a robo-signer would sign off on the paperwork that said they had checked all the details and it was all correct. Only the robo-signers were just signing off on them without doing any further reading. In some cases they would sign off on hundreds of these transactions per day. So now the North Ga Foreclosures may have multiple financial institutions claiming ownership. If you make the mistake of purchasing one of these then you could be paying much more than you bargained for. This is too large of an investment to do the transaction without the help of a real estate agent.

That is why it is always advisable to hire a Realtor to help you. They will know the history of the Ellijay Foreclosures market that you are interested in and when they do not, they can easily research the details. Also, it will not cost you anything to get their help in most cases. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that a bank hires a real estate agent to list a home for a 10% commission. In the agreement there will be a clause that specifies how much of that commission will be given to another agent if they bring a buyer to the table. If you were to get a real estate agent to represent you and they helped you to purchase that North Georgia Foreclosure then the two agents would have to split the commission according to the terms in the contract. Essentially, the seller will foot the bill for you having an expert to negotiate on your behalf. It is worth it to have this added security.












Article was written by Debbie With Click Ready Marketing on behalf of Mountain Ridge Realty.  For more information on Ellijay Real Estate, visit Mountain Ridge Realty at http://mountainridgerealtyga.com.

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Ellijay Real Estate

Real Estate Articles December 1, 2015

Ellijay Georgia has always been known for it’s outdoor activities and seasonal festivals. Downtown Ellijay is very quaint with all the cute little antique shops, Christmas shops and some great restaurants. Many people enjoy visiting Ellijay to escape the hectic pace of the big city. Cabin rentals are always popular with the weekend visitors but with property prices at an all time low, now is the time to look into buying Ellijay Real Estate. New homes are plentiful in the Ellijay Real Estate market but if you are looking for deals you should look for older homes and foreclosures.

Older homes are a great buy in the Ellijay Real Estate market because they cannot compete with all of the newer homes that are sitting empty. Older homes can be a better investment than newer ones if you are careful. Not only will the current residents have found and fixed any problems with the home but you can get them for quite a bit less because of the glut of new homes and foreclosures in the Ellijay Real Estate market.

Foreclosures can be bought at rock bottom prices at the moment but you have to use caution. A lot of times people will intentionally damage a foreclosure because they are angry about losing their home. So, you should carefully inspect any foreclosure that you find in the Ellijay Real Estate market. Better yet, it is always a good idea to hire a home inspector to verify the home is in good condition since they are trained to look at everything, big or small. If you are not used to this process, it would be very easy to overlook an expensive repair. There are so many foreclosures on the market that the banks are having trouble verifying ownership because they have passed through so many hands. So you should take extra care when purchasing a foreclosure to ensure that you are buying them from the correct owner. If you keep those two things in mind then you can find a dream home for a once in a lifetime price.

The best part of buying Ellijay Real Estate is its proximity to the Appalachian Mountains and Carters Lake. Many hiking and bicycle enthusiasts spend their weekends discovering new trails that wend their way through the mountains and there are a multitude of great places to throw out a tent and camp. If you are interested in water sports then you are in luck because its a short drive to Carters Lake. Carters Lake is the deepest lake in the state of Georgia and has a reputation as a must see spot if you enjoy fishing, hunting or boating. There are hiking and biking trails along the shore to add more options for your visit. Leaf lookers and apple lovers flock to the area in the fall. The views are gorgeous and the apples….well, they are delicious. Some of the orchards allow you to go out and pick your own and there are countless varieties. So, if you love the scenic outdoors and are looking for a new home, a second home or just a weekend cabin to getaway, than now is the perfect time to look into purchasing Ellijay Real Estate in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.

Article was written by Craig Lawson with Click Ready Marketing on behalf of Mountain Ridge Realty. For more information on Ellijay Real Estate, visit http://www.mountainridgerealtyga.com.

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